New Orleans Building Hardening Guide

The New Orleans Building Hardening Guide will walk you through some ways to protect your business from high winds, flooding, fire, winter weather, and hail. These techniques range from very minor, inexpensive retrofits which you might do by yourself to far more complicated measures which require the assistance of a licensed professional. It's available now here.

New Orleans Business Continuity Guide

The New Orleans Business Continuity Guide familiarizes New Orleans businesses with available resources that can help them assess their disaster risk and prepare for the unexpected. This guide includes case studies from local businesses, such as Circle Food Store, Gulf Coast Bank & Trust, Parkway Bakery & Tavern, Massey's Outfitters, and more. It's available now here.

Joy of Water

Joy of Water: A Homeowner's Guide to Becoming Water Wise is our guide full of simple tips to help you manage water near your home. It is now available for download here: Download

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