Who We Are
Water Works, L3C was formed in 2012 in order to integrate water management and foster collaboration among the different groups working to promote resilience and sustainability in our region.  As a socially conscious company we are committed to supporting community-driven solutions to address flooding, water pollution, and other hazard-related issues.  We maintain a diverse mix of consulting and pro bono projects in support of our mission.  Water Works is a founding member of the Greater New Orleans Water Collaborative, and Miriam Belblidia serves on the Collaborative's Steering Committee.  We are also leading the update of the New Orleans Hazard Mitigation Plan, supporting business continuity for small local businesses, and conducting research on federal disaster policy.  Water Works has developed a resident guide to water management, The Joy of Water, and is engaged in myriad community outreach and partnership efforts.

Today, the Water Works team includes:

Miriam Belblidia, CFM, MPA

Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer

Miriam is a leader in floodplain management, hazard mitigation, and stormwater best management practices. Miriam is a Certified Floodplain Manager (CFM), received a Fulbright Fellow in water management to conduct research in the Netherlands, and worked as a Hazard Mitigation Specialist for the City of New Orleans. Miriam brings policy and program expertise, with extensive experience in flood mitigation, stormwater management, National Flood Insurance Program, hazard mitigation funding and planning.

Alessandra Jerolleman, PhD, MPA, CFM

VP, Community Resilience and Hazard Mitigation

Alessandra joined the Water Works team in November 2014. She is the Executive Director of the Natural Hazard Mitigation Association as well as a Senior Emergency Management and Hazard Mitigation Planner for JEO Consulting Group Inc. Alessandra brings expertise in hazard mitigation planning at the local, state and campus level, including community education and outreach regarding mitigation measures and preparedness; development of collaborative networks and information sharing avenues among practitioners; and, delivery of training and education to various stakeholders. She is involved in various aspects of planning and policy and the national and local level, including work in Louisiana, South Dakota, Oklahoma, New Jersey, Nebraska, Mississippi, Virginia, Rhode Island, Georgia, Texas, Montana, Utah, Nebraska, and Pennsylvania. She is the co-author of a textbook, “Natural Hazard Mitigation,” published by CRC Press in 2012, with a second textbook, “The Private Sector’s Role in Disasters,” due to be published by CRC Press in 2015. Alessandra brings wide-ranging experience in the private, non-profit, and academic sectors to Water Works.

R. Kliebert

Social Media Intern

Klie wears many hats and brings a unique blend of experience in environmental science, social media, and non-profits to Water Works as our Social Media Intern.  Additionally, Klie serves as Administrative Coordinator at the Public Laboratory for Open Technology and Science, an open source international community of scientists and activists focused on using simple DIY tools to collect data about our local environments.  Klie also has experience with HIV case management through Volunteers of America and is currently enrolled at the University of New Orleans in the Department of Biological Sciences.

Tony Catania, MSPPM

Chief Financial Officer

Tony has supported Water Works as a financial advisor since our inception in 2012. He has worked for over 6 years as a financial analyst for water and wastewater utilities in Cincinnati, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, San Antonio, and suburban Maryland. Today, Tony assumes the position of Chief Financial Officer for Water Works. He is based in San Francisco.